AGC Award

On October 26th, 2018, we received the AGC Safety Award for our commitment to safety in process and workflow, and its application within the company and at worksites. Employee-owner Thomas Blethen represented our company at the noteworthy event in Lexington.

The Associated General Contractors of Kentucky’s PROTECT SAFETY PROGRAM, developed by the AGC Safety Committee and the Safety & Education Director, is a four-step program to further safety efforts in member companies who can demonstrate safety excellence through specific criteria.

Thomas Blethen, DC Elevator, and Bruce Evans, Henderson Services

During the participation in the program, the leadership and staff of DC Elevator received a range of safety training sessions on- and offsite, and established and furthered existing self-sufficient safety and health management systems. During the program, an independent audit reviewed our safety process and confirmed that it surpassed required industry standards.

DC Elevator is always striving to improve lost workday and incident rates, and positively impact experience modification rates. We look at safety as an ongoing effort and renew our acknowledgment to utilize the AGC as a resource for our employee-owners in all related safety matters.

Our marketing department will continuously develop and offer marketing materials communicating our dedication to providing a safe worksite and workforce.

We thank the AGC for their leadership and mentoring efforts and will display the award in our headquarters as a reminder of the commitment to safety at DC Elevator.