Crawford Builders

For over 40 years, Crawford Builders have been committed to providing environmentally safe construction and remodeling techniques, and they strive always to keep that promise. The greener, the better. With their level of knowledge and expertise on green living, their clients know that their new home will rank high in energy efficiency ratings. The company has earned a reputation as one the Bluegrass region's elite custom home builders and remodeling specialty companies.

The Client

Crawford Builders builds elegant custom homes and undertake major remodeling projects. They also offer home maintenance and repair services.

A holistic business model provides them with expertise and resources often non-existent in other companies. They operate on the cutting edge of construction technology and techniques.

The Challenge

In a residential setting, floorplans are as individual as the demands of the customer of Crawford Builders. In a multi-level residential project, installation space is a rare commodity.

Often, the elevator company has to facilitate an installation within the footprints of the existing residential floor plan, commanding coordination and planning skills.

The Solution

DC Elevator has a track record for providing residential elevators, tailored exactly to the needs and requests of homeowners. Crawford Builders knows that they can rely on 40 years of expertise, making us the ideal partner.

Customers choose cab interiors, lighting, and finishes individually, and are provided a warranty after installation for peace of mind.

Mac Crawford established Crawford Builders in 1972. His wife Terri serves as the company’s finance manager and design consultant, utilizing her degree in interior design. Son Chip manages the company’s remodeling business, while Mac oversees new construction.

Residence Featuring a Three-Level Elevator.

The company’s motto is “the greener the better.” Recycled and raw materials are a preferred method when constructing a new home, or renovating. We make a conscious effort to ensure nothing goes to waste, and that all materials are used by the end of each project.

Crawford Builders has close affiliations with the Home Builders Association of Lexington, the Home Builders Association of Kentucky, and the National Home Builders Association. Mac, Chip, and the company give back to their industry and community, while also staying fully abreast of the latest trends and best practices in home construction and remodeling.

The DC Elevator Company is proud to serve Crawford Builders and their customers in all means of residential vertical transportation.