Commercial Lifts and Dumbwaiters

Customers in Kentucky, West Virginia, and the neighboring states rely on our experience of forty-four years in commercial elevator technology. They look to us for their vertical transportation solutions from platform lifts to dumbwaiters to limited use elevators, and blending with their building's exterior or interior.

Commercial Lifts

Add accessibility to your place of business, school or church.  DC Elevator provides all types of solutions for your accessibility needs.


Adds value to your building or place of business by providing accessibility for your customers and clients.

A Vertical Platform Lift Provides Independence

Independence Creates Flexibility

As Kentucky’s largest independent elevator company, our flexibility is unmatched, and our access to parts and services mostly unrestricted. We do serve customers in urban and rural areas and can provide you with a solution that matches your ideas and your budget.

A Solution for Every Need

Pending the needs of the owners and their customers, the state elevator code requirements, and challenges of the building itself, different elevator and accessibility lifts provide unique solutions to the custom challenges of vertical transportation. These are the most common solutions used in small or limited use commercial structures:

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