The ownership of a commercially used building comes with a lot of responsibilities, and the list quickly extends to vertical transportation.

Safety & Operation First – Aesthetics a Close Second

As the building ages, so does the elevator. Time and frequent use can be hard on the cab interior, its fixtures, and the controls. As a building owner, you want to make sure that the passengers riding your elevators are always safe, and that their only concern should be the selection of the right floor.

A non-working elevator door protection, worn elevator parts, or a ride accompanied by creaks and noises can bridge the experience from inconvenient to dangerous. The experience can taint not only the perception of the commercial building, but create real implications like hurt passengers, resulting in elevator downtime, or building code violations which can lead to legal consequences.

Up-to-date elevator motor as part of a modernization effort

Updating the key components of your installation, for example, like the microprocessor control system, a set of new signal and operating devices or more current door-operating equipment prevents malfunction and keeps downtime to a minimum.

Your commercial tenants, their customers, and every passenger will appreciate that you keep your vertical transportation unit up-to-date, sporting a contemporary look and feel. That makes its use a smooth and convenient endeavor and delivers a consistent experience at your location.

A Value-Added Solution

Safety and aesthetics are convincing arguments for the modernization of your vertical transportation systems, but there are also economic reasons to modernize these in older buildings and facilities: It keeps them competitive with newer structures, and adds value to the property, providing a sound financial return on your initial investment.

We recently completed modernization projects for:

  • Appalachian Regional Hospitals
  • UK-Gatton College of B & E
  • Community Trust Bank
  • Lexington Circuit Courthouse
  • United Bank-Versailles
  • Vine Center
  • Fayette County Schools
  • U of L – Abell Bldg.

The DC Elevator Modernization Process

We have a process in place to provide modernization carefully and to your exact needs. It includes multiple steps, and we have streamlined it over time:

We consult with you for your needs, set goals, an approximate budget, and the preferred project timeline. Then we survey the vertical transportation equipment on location.

After careful analysis, we provide recommendations and estimate the budget needed. As we finalize the project scope and schedule the individual steps, we formalize the contract and develop a project timeline you can rely on.

If the modernization is part of the concerted effort to renovate a building, we will work closely with your project manager from start to project completion.

Please contact us to get started, or learn more about all aspects of modernization.

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