Freight Elevators

Reliable Performance Elevators for Heavy Lifting

Freight elevators are the workhorses of the elevator world, responsible for transporting goods and materials in warehouses, industrial and manufacturing environments, shopping centers, airports, train stations, and seaports. This hydraulic elevator type is divided into classes, which defines their application and load capability. Rugged in nature,  they are expertly designed by engineers to have the right power and drive to vertically move and load, pending the need and class standards.

Freight Elevator Car and Controls


Loading:  2,500 – 10,000 lbs; loading defined only by class regulation
Travel Height: Up to 60 ft; higher with fewer load requirements
Speed: Up to 150 ft/min
Drive: Direct-Acting / 1:2 Roped
Class: Available with Class A, B, C1, C2, C3 loading capability


Freight Elevator Doors from Hoistway


  • Designed for industrial and commercial application
  • Flexibility in design to accommodate the application
  • Jackhole not required with holeless drive
  • Eco-friendly with use of biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • Variable door designs accommodate most requirements
  • Engineered to accommodate customer needs and class standards
  • Manufactured and installed per current industry code standards
  • Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance helps to minimize downtime


Automobile Lift


We are an authorized dealer for many leading freight elevator suppliers and manufacturers. We recommend the use of non-proprietary equipment because it ensures that your elevator installation brings the best value to your building.


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The Case for DC Elevator

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