Growth Is on the Horizon!

Have you heard the good news? In 2017 we celebrated our 40th Anniversary, and since 2018 we call a little bit of Lexington our own: We purchased the property of the Bluegrass Volleyball Center at 709 Miles Point Way, less than two miles from our current headquarters, practically right down the street.

The 16,000 square feet structure, built in 2013, sits on over 2.5 acres of land – enough room to grow for the next forty years. The building, originally designed for indoor volleyball and sand volleyball courts, will host warehouse and office space, and a multipurpose area featuring an elevator technology training center. At an open house last August, all employee-owners got to experience the new building and explore the then still empty space. Room to stretch, and room to grow.

New Headquarters – Street View

Through the years, at our various company headquarters, we have always used the existing space to serve our customers’ needs and secure the company growth. While we were able to improvise in our current facility to overcome the spatial challenges, we now welcome the opportunity to shape the future of the business – and to a degree the industry – as we train and grow the next generation of elevator technicians, project managers, and company leadership.

As the building is under construction, we are excited to document and show you how the different spaces are taking shape. And we are proud that our new visual brand, introduced in 2017, will be represented in the building interior design, from the choice of colors to our wayfinding system, and of course the outside of the building.

New Headquarters – Interior

All of us hope that you are as excited as we are in the premise of new beginnings, and the opportunities the new location will bring. Blessed with prosperity and growth, we have stayed true to the principles of our founders Danny and Charlie Breaden, as we served our customers through the years.

We promise that our employee-owners will continue to deliver peace-of-mind to you through outstanding service, provided by skilled and certified people who care to serve you. As Danny Breaden said: “DC Elevator was, is, and will in the future only be successful because of its employees. I have always felt that way. It’s the people.”

New Headquarters – Side View

Thank you for being part of our success, we are looking to welcome you to the future DC Elevator National Headquarters in the Spring of 2019.