With four decades of serving the clients of DC Elevator in all facets of their elevator ownership, our applied knowledge of over 340 years of combined experience manifests in every installation.

Quality of Performance Matters

Some companies are driven solely by project cost, others by the completion date. Behind every one of our installations, the driving force is the quality of performance. While budget and time commitments are important for us, we know that in the long run, the performance of our elevators matters most to our clients.

Reliability and Innovation – Advantages of an Open System

At DC Elevator, we always use non-proprietary equipment. One great advantage of an open system is the unrestricted access to parts and services, warranting flexibility and ease of maintenance. Another is the ability to carefully tailor our solutions to our customers, as we do not have to choose from a limited selection of products, but have full access to the product elements that answer the need for the challenge at hand.

Individual Solutions for Varied Customers

While some of our projects in the company history are similar, no two are identical. We have a complete team of estimators and project managers that aid our customers in finding the best possible solution, applying a proven process that draws from the expertise of the individual team member, and decades of experience based on company work history. A superintendent on staff makes sure that we communicate the unique scope of the project to all parties involved, which keeps the transition from planning to implementation seamless, and the outcome accurately aligned to the specifications of our customers. We also coordinate timelines and milestones based on best industry practices, making DC Elevator the perfect partner for architects, consultants, builders, and contractors.

Peer-Approved and Customer-Appreciated

DC Elevator employees serve as current and past board members as well as committee chairs of many professional organizations. They have earned the approval and respect of our peers, and have received merits in advancing the quality, innovation, and success of our profession on a local, statewide, and national level. Please see our affiliations page to learn more.

Although we can elaborate and outline the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of our work and process, we would like you to trust the verdict of our customers. In case studies and with testimonials we want to provide you with an objective measure of the proficiency and extent of our past work. While all our intention is facing forward, we are honored to look back on a history of trust, reliance, and mutual gratitude we share with our clientele of forty years.

Please contact us to get started, or learn more about all aspects of installation.

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