KEMI Award 2018

On Thursday, November 29th, the Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance (KEMI)  recognized DC Elevator for commitment to workplace safety, presenting us with the 2018 KEMI Destiny Award.

The Destiny Awards are presented annually by KEMI to policyholders that best exemplify KEMI’s motto, “Control your own destiny.” The awards symbolize what can be accomplished when organizations work together to improve workplace safety. Policyholders who earn the KEMI Destiny Award conclusively demonstrate to KEMI their ability to manage a formal safety program, provide on-site training and regular safety meetings for employees, and display an ongoing commitment to safety from all levels throughout their organizations.

KEMI Award 2018

“We are proud to honor these twenty organizations and highlight their commitment to workplace safety,” said Jon Stewart, President & CEO of KEMI. “Earning the KEMI Destiny Award requires a clear focus, teamwork, and a management philosophy that truly values the well-being of employees.”

“Through four decades, DC Elevator has always been committed to workplace and worksite safety,” said Vice President Chuck Sharp, “and safety continues to be a top priority. KEMI has helped us further strengthen our program, and we are thankful for their guidance.”

To learn more about the Destiny Award or to access free workplace safety resources, please visit the Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance website at