Conveniently located in Western Kentucky, our team in Paducah can serve our clientele in the neighboring states of Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arkansas.


From the heart of Perry County, Ronnie Bentley and his team serve our clientele in the Eastern parts of Kentucky.


Conveniently located in Northern Kentucky, our Florence satellite office serves our clientele in the neighboring state of Ohio, too.


Located in the industrial part of town, just past the Capitol Market and WV American Water, the West Virginia office lies conveniently in reach of I-64 and downtown. From here, we have served the Mountain State and the Tri-State Area since 2005.


Founded as the second representation of the DC Elevator Company, the Derby City office is located in North-Western Kentucky. Rick Hardin and his team serve our clientele in the metropolitan area of Louisville and the neighboring state of Indiana.


From our headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, the heart of the Bluegrass Region, we serve our customers in all matters of vertical transportation.