Creativity is the common thread that connects people from around the globe to Paducah, a designated UNESCO Creative City. Anchored by the National Quilt Museum and a thriving fiber arts community, Paducah is a haven for creative thinkers and doers who find inspiration here.

Rick Hardin

Branch Manager

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Tony Saccoccio

Maintenance and Repair Sales

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The City of Paducah

At the heart of America’s inland waterways, the river contributes to the constant flow of Paducah’s engaging energy and fascinating history. From the colorful revitalization of the Lower Town Arts District to the vibrant streets of 19th-century architecture in Historic Downtown, Paducah invites visitors to immerse themselves in rich American heritage and find their inspiration in Paducah.

The DC Elevator Satellite Office

Conveniently located in Western Kentucky, our team in Paducah can serve our clientele in the neighboring states of Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arkansas. It is our firm belief that being off-the-grid should not create a disadvantage for our customers, and that it is their prerogative to receive excellent service at a great price.