LU/LA Elevators

LU/LA (Limited Use/Limited Application)

The LU/LA elevator are utilized to meet ADA code requirements.  This solution provides access to low occupancy / low rise commercial buildings. Normally ideal for applications up to 25 feet of travel and where there are space constraints. Whereas higher occupancy buildings are suited more for hydraulic or traction elevator.  Examples for use are in schools and other educational settings, churches, multi-family housing units, libraries and more.

Symmetry Custom LU/LA Elevator


Capacity: 1,400 lbs
Travel Height: 25 ft
Speed: 30 ft/min
Drive: 1:2 Roped Hydraulic


LU/LA Elevators Can Match Every Building Style


  • Manufactured and installed per current industry code standards
  • Two speed hydraulic control valve provides smooth start and stop
  • Audiovisual car direction indicator for operational efficiency
  • Design advantage through reduced pit depth
  • Designed for low rise and low occupancy commercial buildings
  • Space-saving; small footprint
  • Custom design and aesthetic options configured to complement need and budget
  • Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance helps to minimize downtime
  • Cost-effective for the number of commercial features provided


We are an authorized dealer for the following LU/LA elevator manufacturers:

Custom Elevator Manufacturing, Inc [website] [downloads]

Savaria [website] [Orion drawings] [Orion17 drawings]

Symmetry  [website] [design gallery] [drawings]

The Case for DC Elevator

Please see our case studies for examples of how we solved our clients’ problems, and what they have to say about it. Contact us with questions about LU/LA elevators, discuss your building situation, and find out if this elevator type is right for you.

Q & A


A LU/LA elevator is a limited use/limited application elevator. Limited use meaning that it’s intended to be used in low rise buildings with low occupancy, while limited application means that its application in buildings will be “self-limiting” due to the low travel, speed, capacity, and size.

Definition 1:2 (Roped Hydraulic Drive System )

Like a commercial hydraulic elevator, it uses a piston - but two aircraft cables assist the lifting process. Officially dubbed 1:2, the system lends its name from the 1 foot to 2 feet travel ratio between piston and cab. It needs an 8 to 13-inch pit, limiting the use only to qualifying buildings.


The standard platform size of LU/LA elevators reaches from 48" x 54" to 42" x 60". The standard 25 ft travel height can be extended to 50 ft with variance and derated capacity. Higher speeds up to 40 FPM can be achieved with a variance. Various customization options in wood, stainless steel, or laminate accommodate personal preference and suit the budget.

What is “Limited” about a LU/LA Elevator?

Maximum Travel 25’-0”
Maximum Speed 30 FPM
Maximum Platform Size 18 sqft
Maximum Capacity 1400 lbs.