Owners of multi-level residential buildings have experienced firsthand the advantages of vertical transportation in their home, but also know about the responsibilities.

The Right Time for Modernization

As the building ages, the elevators and lifts installed can become a challenge: Missing regular maintenance can lead to inconvenient outages, and repairs take a chunk of the family budget. Planning for modernization makes the operation affordable, and takes the risk out of the equation. In fact, it adds to efficiency in operation and saves costs in the long run.

Lexington Kentucky Ranch-Style Residence

Modernization has additional benefits: the unit fits the look and feel of the home when upgraded in the style of the building and to the taste of the owner. It also it makes the home a safer place and keeps the building in compliance with state code and regulations.

You are in Control

You may consider upgrading the phone system, lighting, or flooring, or adding new gates, doors, or fixture options. Adding additional features well enhances the ease of use – for example adding power gate operators, automatic door operators, or light curtain safety sensors.

Depending on the age of the elevator or lift, as well as the worth of the building in general, you might even consider using the existing hoistway to install a new elevator, replacing the old one. That adds value to your property, which becomes important should you ever consider to sell it.

The DC Elevator Modernization Process

We have a process in place to provide modernization carefully and to your exact needs. It includes multiple steps, and we have streamlined it over time:

We consult with you for your needs, set goals, an approximate budget, and the preferred project timeline. Then we survey the vertical transportation equipment on location.

After careful analysis, we provide recommendations and estimate the budget needed. As we finalize the project scope and schedule the individual steps, we formalize the contract and develop a project timeline you can rely on.

If the modernization is part of the concerted effort to renovate a building, we will work closely with your project manager from start to project completion.

Please contact us to get started, or to learn more about modernization.