MRL Elevators

Machine Room-Less Elevators

Machine-room-less (MRL) elevators do not have a dedicated machine room (MR). The machine sits in the overhead space on a traction unit, and is accessed from the top of the elevator cab when maintenance or repairs are required. The drive mechanism is located in the pit on hydraulic units.

Underslung Assembly of an MRL Elevator


Capacity: Up to 5,000 lbs
Travel Height: Up to 200 ft
Speed: 100-500 ft/min / 100-350 ft/min (if rail-mounted)
Drive: Traction, Hydraulic


MRL Elevator Overhead Space


  • Space-saving design omits the use of a machine room
  • Variable location of the control boxes inside the hoistway
  • Flexibility in design, using non-proprietary parts and services
  • Smaller overall footprint allows for wider application range
  • Allows for front and rear openings
  • Low energy consumption
  • Custom design and aesthetic options configured to complement need and budget
  • Manufactured and installed per current industry code standards
  • Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance helps to minimize downtime


MRL Traction Machine


  • Substantially higher material costs than hydraulic applications
  • Pending authority-having jurisdiction, code issues may arise
  • Standardized design makes application less replicable


We are an authorized dealer for many leading MRL elevator suppliers and manufacturers. We recommend the use of non-proprietary equipment because it ensures that your elevator installation brings the best value to your building. Our current manufacturer is:

AVT Lifts   Catalogue(USA) – 20200619

The Case for DC Elevator

Please see our case studies for examples of how we solved our clients’ problems, and what they have to say about it. Contact us with questions about MRL elevators, discuss your building situation, and find out if this elevator type is right for you.

Q & A

Initial and Maintenance Costs

MRL elevators are comparable to geared traction elevators in terms of initial and maintenance costs, but they have relatively low energy consumption compared to geared elevators.

Why are MRLs so popular?

Machine-room-less elevators are becoming the most popular choice for mid-rise buildings where the travel distance is up to 250 feet. They are energy efficient, require less space, and their operation and reliability are on par with gear-less traction elevators.

MRL Code Considerations

MRL elevators have been adopted so slowly in the United States, because the building codes had provisions that didn't allow the motor to be within the hoistway. While slowly changing, it is worth consulting with the local authorities before choosing an MRL elevator.

What are MRL Hydraulic Elevators?

Hydraulic MRL Elevators are ideal when space for a machine room is not available; the power unit and controller are located in the hoistway. Since no jack hole is required for Holeless MRL Elevators, they eliminate the risk of jack corrosion and oil leakage. If travel extends beyond 12’6”, we utilize a telescoping jack, which requires an additional 1” in hoistway width.