NAEC Spring Conference 2018

A delegation of DC Elevator traveled to California in April, to attend the annual NAEC Spring Conference. An event that is as educational as it is a social gathering of the industry, many peers and vendors chose the relaxed setting to update their know-how, connect, and socialize.

One of many presentations at the Carlsbad NAEC Spring Conference

Attending committee meetings,  member sessions, and roundtable discussions, we had the opportunity to weigh in on matters like safety, maintenance agreements, consultants, OSHA, MCPs, and MRLs. It was interesting to learn about peer experiences, the official association’s stance, and the viewpoints the attendees shared on the topics.

Steve Bowlds and Ron Rucker proudly presenting their conference swag

Breakfasts and dinners served as bookends during these days, with ample opportunity to see familiar faces, meet old friends and make new ones. Great food and a variety of beverages contributed to all of us having a good time, every time.

The Dregs Party is the place to be for the industries who-is-who and the last conference stragglers

All in all, we had a wonderful time in Carlsbad, and are now looking forward to the industry’s leading event – the 69th NAEC Annual Convention and 2018 Exhibition in Atlantic City this September.