Non-Proprietary Equipment

As Kentucky’s largest independent elevator company, our flexibility is unmatched, and our access to parts and services unrestricted. With this document, we propose the elevator equipment in your building or project to be non-proprietary.

Like many industries, the elevator industry is under increasing pressure to supply products and services at ever more competitive prices. As a result, elevator companies have worked hard to develop products that are less expensive to manufacture and install. Architects, building owners, and the elevator company can agree that a lowered delivered cost is a benefit to everyone involved in an elevator project.

Building owners prefer to buy an equivalent product or service at a lower price, but too often a contractor’s lowered initial costs result in even higher costs for the building. Because with elevator systems, saving at the original purchase decision often results in substantial increases in cost over the life of the equipment.

Equipment designed with only lower manufacturing and installation costs in mind can lead to higher monthly maintenance costs, and to overall higher costs.

The reasons are manifold:

  • Equipment used can be very proprietary. In this case, the building owner often finds that there is no contractor but the original installer able or willing to bid on monthly maintenance, taking advantage of the lack of competition.
  • The installation contains dependent components. In this case, the failure of a single component of the elevator system can require replacement of additional components.
  • Proprietary equipment costs more. When a contractor has only one source of replacement parts, the cost of those replacement parts is likely higher.
  • The expected service life of equipment designed to keep the manufacturing and installation costs low, may not as high as that of products designed for performance or longevity.

These scenarios do more likely occur in a project, where long-term results of the initial purchasing decision are not a consideration. DC Elevator recognizes, when buying any equipment, the most important factor is its value. Code compliance, specification compliance, and performance compliance are further necessities.

While value and cost are sometimes related, they are not necessarily the same thing. When purchasing an automobile, its worth translates from the price, the cost of maintenance, and the product life of the car. It takes experience and vast knowledge to apply the same principles in the purchasing process of an elevator system.

We offer our assistance and four decades of experience, providing you with the linked Non-Proprietary Equipment Affidavit. It will ensure that your elevator project will bring the best value to the building, and hidden costs are avoided right from the start. If you have additional questions, please contact us.