Residential customers in Kentucky and the neighboring states rely on our experience of forty years in commercial elevator technology and look to us for their vertical transportation solutions from stair lifts to residential elevators, blending with their home’s decor and well within budget.

Individual Solutions for your Home

Residents and their visitors do much appreciate the comfort and convenience an elevator adds to the dwelling experience. Concerns like safety and availability matter to them, too. Our residential elevator and accessibility lift technology removes barriers in your way making the home you love more accessible, while also offering convenience for daily living.

Value-Added Technology

A lot of residential home owners are skeptical when they first ponder the addition of an elevator or lift to their home. But as they explore their options, they quickly realize that their expense is an investment in the value of their residence. Progress in technology and design have made it easier to install an elevator in an existing structure, and the features offered more than offset the price tag. A distinct advantage, should you ever consider the sale of your property.

A Contemporary Solution to Your Vertical Transportation Needs!

Future-Proofing your Mobility

As life expectancy rises in the 21st Century, the investment in elevator and lift technology is also an investment into your mobility when you retire. You can still reach all rooms of your residence and are saving the cost of moving to assisted living, keeping you independent and self-reliant. Our knowledge of accessibility solutions can help prepare you for challenges, that hopefully never come.

Independence Creates Flexibility

As Kentucky’s largest independent elevator company, our flexibility is unmatched, and our access to parts and services mostly unrestricted. We do serve customers in urban and rural areas and can provide you with a solution that matches your ideas and your budget.

A Solution for Every Need

Pending the needs of the residents, the state elevator code requirements, and challenges of the building itself, different elevator and accessibility lifts provide unique solutions to the custom challenges of residential vertical transportation. These are the most common solutions used in residential structures:

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