Thank you, June Jefferson!

We congratulate June on her recent retirement and are thankful for all she brought to the table. Her contributions, a tireless work ethic, and her spirited personality will always be a part of our company.

June found real joy in seeing projects come to fruition, disregarding their scale. With all departments working hand in hand, and for the benefit of the customers, from the first call to sending out the invoice, she treated the customers with professionalism and gracious respect.

“I now have more time to travel and be with family, to spend time around the house, and to volunteer with the music ministry of my church,” June recalls, “but I will miss the camaraderie with my co-workers.”

The fellowship experienced in almost two decades, the familiarity with everyone, is something she will always hold dear. And she will forever cherish the trust the company’s leadership invests in every employee, knowing they will do their best each day, and in all that they do.

The Jeffersons

The one thing she won’t miss, though, are the pranks employees played with her in jest. June’s fear of bugs and crickets sparked countless jokes involving live and plastic insects at her workplace, usually followed by shrieks and (mild) exasperation. In the end, June always joined the laughter.

Her secret to deal with the day-to-day hurdles in a growing company? You can find it in her life’s motto: “I’m too blessed to be stressed, so I do my best and let God do the rest.”

Thank you, June!