About Us

The key to our success: Peace-of-mind through outstanding service, provided by skilled and certified people who care to serve you.

Employees at the 40th Company Anniversary Celebration

Who We Are

DC Elevator has a long history of providing premium service to our customers.  Our founders, Danny and Charlie Breaden, started DC Elevator Company in 1977.  They made it their mission to provide our customer base with skilled technicians and prompt, personalized service at a competitive price.  Throughout our lifetime, we have grown substantially, gone through several transitions, and even acquired two other companies.  All of our changes have made us even more focused on our vision to be an industry leader in vertical transportation.  

At DC Elevator, we are focused on creating great relationships with our customers.   We work hard to earn our customers’ trust and satisfaction through quality workmanship and competitive pricing.   We believe those aspects are a fundamental core of our business.  Team attitude and superior service are the winning components of our success.  We have found that most contractors even prefer working with our company because of our willingness to provide quick solutions.  We have made a name for ourselves as an industry leader over the last 40 years because of our focus on customer relationships.  

Our employees are the backbone of our business.  We strive to foster meaningful employee relationships while also providing the education that is needed to be successful in the field.  We work hard to create a culture of safety because we value our employees.  We want our employees to be equipped with all the necessary tools in order to be successful at DC Elevator.  

Our headquarters are located in Lexington, KY with additional offices located in Louisville and Charlestown, WV.

What We Do

We are a regional market leader with a territory spanning roughly 500 miles.  We provide solutions in the installation, modernization, maintenance, and repair for a variety of vertical transportation and accessibility needs.  Our company provides our customers peace of mind and lower costs long-term.  We believe that proactive service is the best way for customers to be satisfied and avoid costly repairs, code violations, and downtime.  

Recent Company Updates

Our newest company acquisition was Western KY Elevator Service which we purchased from Chuck Alderson in August 2020. Mr. Alderson and DC Elevator have had an excellent working relationship for over 30 years. When he decided to sell his company, he chose to offer it to DC Elevator because of our longstanding reputation for providing excellent customer service.  It is our intention to continue the elevator services that our Western Kentucky customers are accustomed to receiving.  With our large service team and office support, we hope to even improve your service experience.   

Furthermore, we are proud to announce our new President Chuck Sharp and his executive team.  This team includes VP of Sales Dale Howard, VP of Service Ronnie Bentley, VP of Construction Thomas Blethen, and VP of Finance Renny Ross. 

In January 2021, we also joined forces with American Elevator Group (AEG).  AEG is a group of elite elevator companies that are chosen based on their reputation and dedication to customer service.  We now have access to a vast network of industry experts and resources which will allow us to continue growing and providing outstanding service to our customers.