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Reduce Onsite Risk by Enhancing Emergency Response

We at DC Elevator value our customer relationships and hope that you’ve come to see us as a trusted service. To us, part of serving you is keeping you informed of anything in the marketplace we believe affects you. Choosing an elevator phone monitoring solution can seem like a straightforward task, but it has many […]

Cut Your Costly Elevator Phone Lines

At DC Elevator, we stay on top of industry trends and happenings that affect our customers and their properties. One of those trends recently has been the adoption of cellular networks for emergency communications. As the networks have become more reliable and affordable, the traditional phone lines we all are familiar with, have gotten more […]

How Your Life Safety Devices are Impacted by Landline Technology Phaseout

The emergency phones inside your elevators have historically been low-cost to maintain and keep compliant. That is no longer the case. As cellular networks have become more reliable and affordable, the traditional fixed phone line infrastructure has become significantly more expensive as analog gets decommissioned. What Does This Mean for You? Moving away from traditional […]

Elevator Door Equipments

How Elevator Doors Work If elevators could sweat, most of it would drip from the doors. The doors are definitely the hardest working part of the elevator. Each and every time the elevator stops at a floor, a car door and hatch door need to open and close efficiently without complaint. This hard working assembly […]

Elevator Power Units

Power units are a key component of your hydraulic elevator. Much like the engine in your car, they provide the power to move the elevator. COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION Your existing power unit consists of many interacting components, including valves, solenoids, pumps and motors. As these age, these components wear, resulting in greater potential for shutdowns and […]

Elevator Light Curtains

What Are Elevator Light Curtains? Light curtains allow passengers to move freely in and out of the elevator, holding the doors open as long as ‘beams’ are blocked in the door opening. A well-designed light curtain incorporates methods of recognizing when the ‘beams’ have been blocked for a considerable period. This interface, called nudging, will […]

Most Commonly Replaced Elevator Repair Parts

Did you know that over 10,000 accidents involving elevators occur each year? It would be possible to prevent many injuries by merely fixing the damaged parts. The likelihood of parts breaking in your elevator increases with usage. All day long, people enter and exit the building, therefore it is crucial that it be secure and […]

Elevator Safety Tips

Elevators are now regarded as a safe mode of transportation within a building. Additional advantages include comfort, convenience, and dependability. However, there are some guidelines for using these systems “safely.” Whether you use an elevator at home or in a commercial building, it is critical that you follow the safety guidelines outlined in this guide. […]

Elevator Safety Rules That Every Child Must Know

It’s not just the adults who need to follow safety rules when using an elevator. Elevators can be dangerous if you don’t know what to do. To protect your child and everyone else, it is important to set them up with the right knowledge of safety rules ahead of time. — It is important to […]

Why Elevator Maintenance Is Important During The Winter

Get your elevator equipment ready for Winter. You don’t want to be unprepared and forced to shut down a necessary structure, like the elevator, while it is being repaired. Fixing a problem before it gets out of hand will also be more practical and cheap. Here are some of the causes for why you should […]