We specialize in full or partial elevator modernizations – projects designed to improve your current elevator system. Modernizations can include anything from basic aesthetic features to full system upgrades. We inspect and replace critical components to ensure passenger safety, comfort, and compliance to building code.

How can you tell if your elevator is in need of modernization? Here are some signs:

  • Elevator sounds bad or runs rough
  • Safety or comfort concerns
  • Doors do not open or close smoothly
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Older/proprietary parts not supported
  • Equipment non-compliant

Modernization extends the life of your elevator system and reduces long-term costs and energy use. Whether you need a full or partial modernization depends on your goals and usage requirements, but either process typically includes the following elements:

  • Cab renovation or restoration
  • Car and hall fixture upgrades
  • Full refurbishing or remodeling
  • Controller replacement
  • Door equipment replacement
  • Hydraulic Power Unit replacement
  • Traction Machine replacement
  • Upgrade to meet ADA guidelines

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Our Process

Every project is different, which is why we customize everything to your exact requirements. Our streamlined process is designed for transparency and thoroughness at each step.

We start with a consultation to determine your needs, set goals and budget, and establish a preferred timeline. After completing a site survey, we provide an estimate, finalize the project scope, and develop a project timeline you can rely on.

Start your project today! Contact our team for a complimentary site survey of your modernization needs. This assessment includes:

  • Full analysis of the current elevator system
  • Evaluation of the remaining service life of major components
  • Diagnosis of the current ride quality and safety
  • Proactive opportunities for energy conservation

Modernization before - after comparison

Modernization Solutions

  • Upgrading & replacing obsolete equipment
  • Safety equipment & code compliance upgrades
  • Hall & car fixture upgrades
  • New cab interior & lighting upgrades
  • New hall doors & door equipment upgrades
  • Motor & equipment upgrades
  • Speed or size upgrades
  • Complete replacement

Solutions: before and after

Modernization example