On Game Day, the players of the Louisville Cardinals enter the stadium via Card March tunnel, while tens of thousands of fans ride DC Elevators to the UPS Flight Deck and the Norton Terrace. Game after game, come rain or shine, from First Down to Touchdown!

The Client

Since 1998, Cardinal Stadium serves as the home of the Louisville Cardinals football program.

The stadium welcomes Cardinals fans and visitors during football season but also hosts various concerts and auto shows throughout the year.

The Challenge

With a total of 55,000 seats and 10,000 more added in 2015, the need for vertical transportation was overwhelming.

While ramps and walkways help to move the masses, the right elevator alleviates wait times and gets everybody to their seat by kickoff.

The Solution

Adding six new passenger traction elevators and modernizing another one, covering multiple levels and moving thousands of fans every football weekend, assured that each would be a win for the organizers, no matter the event.

Go Cardinals!

A Feat of Elevator Technology

The installation in the machine room high above Cardinal Stadium is a sight to behold. Massive motors drive the traction elevators in an angled installation, moving the cabs from the ground floor up to the upper deck and the levels in between.

Elevator Machine Room on the Top Level of the Stadium

Fasten Your Seatbelts

The views from the UPS Flight Deck, the new upper concourse, and seating area is truly a sight to behold. High above the field, these 1000 new chairback seats offer great views of the game from a rare vantage point which is sure to become popular with fans. Numerous concession stands and restrooms service the Flight Deck for the convenience of fans, who also have the option of using an accessible speed ramp for entry and exit.

A View From High Above the Stadium

Intelligent Controls

Dedicated control technology provides a smooth and carefree experience when operating the elevators, optimizing the life cycle of the equipment and protocolling performance as needed.

The system is equipped with line regenerative, full-wave, four-quadrant digital drive technology, providing significant power savings vs. conventional VVAC technology, as well as improved performance, reliability, and extended service life.

Powerful Control Technology Coordinates the Traffic Patterns of the Elevators

To learn more about advantages and performance of this project, please contact Rick Hardin at the Louisville office.