A prime downtown Lexington domicile, the Woodlands offer amenities like door-to-door laundry service and 24-hour security. The upscale Julep Cup Restaurant and the Werne Salon and Gifts on premises, as well as hardwood floors, marble bathrooms, a lovely pool, and a communal rooftop terrace, make tenant life a grand experience.

The Client

Developed in 1984, the Woodlands is a nine-story postmodern luxury condominium complex. The building includes a restaurant, a salon, and a covered parking structure.

Woodlands’ tenants own or rent condominiums in this premium downtown living location.

The Challenge

The 1980s machines and motor generator had become obsolete, and DC Elevator was tasked to execute a major overhaul of the vertical transportation, without inconveniencing the tenants or reducing their quality of life.

On-site requirements and a challenging rooftop access proved to be additional hurdles.

The Solution

DC Elevator installed new, nonproprietary AC-driven machines with microprocessor controls, maximizing efficiency in meaningful ways.

The performance of elevators was improved dramatically, while energy usage of the installation was minimized, eliminating carbon emissions and lowering the operational cost.

Working in the elegant and distinguished atmosphere of Lexington’s premiere condominium complex was a challenge in itself – our installers took extra precautions to not disrupt the life of the tenants by working on a schedule tailored to their habits and needs.

Woodlands Elevator Machine (before)

Woodlands Elevator Machine (after)

Overcoming the challenges of a rooftop location that was inconvenient to access, we managed to install machines that not only caused fewer emissions but added better performance and a ride experience that is on par with all other conveniences the Woodlands complex provides.

Woodlands Elevator Control Room (before)

Woodlands Elevator Control Room (after)

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