Category: Safety
Elevator Safety Rules That Every Child Must Know

It’s not just the adults who need to follow safety rules when using an elevator. Elevators can be dangerous if you don’t know what to do. To protect your child and everyone else, it is important to set them up with the right knowledge of safety rules ahead of time. — It is important to […]

How To Save Money And Time With Elevator Maintenance

One of the most crucial parts of your building is the elevator. It is widely used by your visitors, employees, and other people to get around the building. Our company, DC Elevator, is aware of the value of a safe, well-maintained elevator. OBEY SAFETY REGULATIONS A dangerous situation may arise if your elevator is not […]

Do I Need An Elevator Inspection?

What do you do if your elevator stops working? Elevators are large pieces of machinery, which means any problems within them can cause life-threatening and even deadly outcomes. To fix such problems you need expert help from an experienced inspector. Elevators can stop working due to malfunctions in the components, improper installation or a variety […]

Who Can Repair My Elevator?

Building owners and managers have many important concerns. No doubt somewhere near the top of that list is the safety and maintenance of your property. While it’s important to have access to a well-rounded maintenance staff, there are certain elements of your building that require additional special care and attention to detail – not least […]

How to Prepare for (and Pass) the All-Important Elevator Inspection

Just like an automobile diagnostic test, an elevator inspection provides building owners with the opportunity to make critical decisions about repairs, upgrades or full equipment replacement. But while some vehicle owners may decide to postpone a trip to the auto shop, putting off an elevator inspection is never advisable. State laws and building codes require […]

Prepare Your Elevators for a Challenging Winter

As the cold season continues, you may be focused on making sure your building lobby stays warm and dry. But have you considered doing the same for your elevators’ engine room? In this article we share our best tips for making your elevators run smoothly and safely during a cold snap, winter storm, or flash […]