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Elevator Light Curtains


What Are Elevator Light Curtains?

Light curtains allow passengers to move freely in and out of the elevator, holding the doors open as long as ‘beams’ are blocked in the door opening. A well-designed light curtain incorporates methods of recognizing when the ‘beams’ have been blocked for a considerable period. This interface, called nudging, will alert and signal the person that they are blocking the doors. Nudging will cause the closing mechanism to operate at a lower speed and torque in order to gently close the doors, preventing any harm to people or property.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Quick Installation Time
  • Replaces obsolete mechanical edge and photo eye
  • Tailored Light Curtain Assemblies to meet current code compliances – 2D Edge, 3D Edge
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Suitable for side parting and center parting doors
  • Universal Mounting
  • Increased Safety


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