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How To Extend The Life Of Your Elevator With Preventative Maintenance


If you’re like most property managers, you want to keep the operating costs of your building as low as possible. Start with the elevator; it’s a fantastic place to start. With the right maintenance schedule, it is possible to keep your elevator from needing a complete overhaul or costly repairs.

Utilize Your Maintenance Schedule

If you have an elevator maintenance schedule, you want to maximize it. Making sure you receive value for your money can help you do this. Is your contractor arriving when they promise to? Do they have a checklist of things they check when they do leave the machine room? You can get peace of mind and save money by asking these questions. If you don’t already have one, you should get one right away. A building manager who keeps up with elevator maintenance will have fewer major and expensive repairs. To help you avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to elevator repairs, you can get a detailed report on your elevator that includes the kinds of maintenance and repairs it needs to stay in good working order.

AIM For Your Doors

The doors are the part of your elevator that gets used the most out of all its parts. The moving mechanisms of doors themselves make them susceptible to deterioration. Additionally, they are the main cause of calls for assistance from elevator providers. For instance, if the door misses the interlock by 1/16″, the elevator might not work. Technicians can spot issues with the doors during routine elevator maintenance and assist resolve them before they require an expensive repair.

It goes without saying that the more abuse the doors receive, the more substantial repairs will eventually be required. But once more, routine inspections and maintenance can save you from having to make frequent service visits and more costly elevator repairs.

Simply, preventative maintenance is the best method to reduce expenditures when it comes to your elevator. Contact DC Elevator at 859-254-8224 or via email to learn more about ways to reduce your operating costs.