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If Your Elevator Stops, Follow These 5 Actions


Five things to do if your elevator breaks down

Even though getting trapped in an elevator is an uncommon occurrence, we have provided some advice in case it does. Elevators may stop operating for a variety of reasons, such as power failures, equipment misuse by patrons, or mechanical issues.

If the elevator has stopped, it is important to follow these steps:

  1. Keep your composure and do not try to exit the cab until getting permission from a qualified technician or the Fire Department.
  2. Use the phone, intercom, or emergency button on the elevator to make a help request.
  3. Do not try to force the doors open and keep your distance from them at all times.
  4. There won’t be a cap on the amount of air that may be accessed inside the cab because the elevator has air circulation apertures.
  5. Await the arrival of competent assistance. If a rescue is deemed necessary, only a trained technician or the Fire Department should carry it out.

Do not attempt to rescue passengers in any way!

Do not try to free the imprisoned passengers if you notice the elevator has stopped working while you are standing outside of it! Even when motivated by noble intentions, this mindset can result in catastrophic mishaps.

A “trapped” passenger should in this case wait for qualified personnel to free them within the cab. Vehicle doors cannot be opened by passengers thanks to door restriction mechanisms. As a result, DC Elevator suggests the following course of action in the event that a passenger becomes stuck in an elevator:

  1. Reassure the passenger(s) that there is enough air in the vehicle and that they are safe as long as they do not panic or attempt to open the doors.
  2. In order to save them, keep in touch with them. Both verbal communication through the doors and the usual in-cab communication system are options for communication.
  3. The door may open if the passenger(s) pushes the door open button when the elevator is at floor level.
  4. Make sure the red emergency stop switch is in the “Run” position by asking the passenger(s) to check.
  5. Give your elevator provider a service call and let the customer support agent know that there are individuals trapped in the elevator. Priority service is provided for entrapments. (Remember to provide your customer care person with the building’s phone number in case they need to call).
  6. A 911 call should only be made in an emergency. In several cases, non-elevator workers who tried to remove a passenger from an elevator when there wasn’t an emergency caused a significant amount of damage to the elevator.