Inclined Platform Lifts

Inclined platform lifts offer cost-effective solutions, providing accessibility to people using wheelchairs and those who have difficulty negotiating stairs.

Our clients appreciate the experience and training DC Elevator has accumulated over decades in all areas of accessibility solutions. From code requirements to safety standards, from industry best practices to safe equipment operation – our knowledgeable staff makes us your best choice for all vertical transportation needs.

Inclined Platform Lifts Restore Independence


Capacity: Up to 660 lbs
Travel Height: Up to 164 inches
Speed: Up to 20 ft/min
Drive: Rack and Pinion / Rope Sprocket Drive


Inclined Platform Lifts Remove Barriers


  • Manufactured and installed per current industry code standards
  • Requires minimal dedicated space
  • Platforms range from 26.5″ x 36″ to 28.5″ x 44″
  • ADA-compliant platform available, ideal for public accessibility requirements
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use, in new or existing structures
  • Standard safety features included; additional features available
  • Packages for residential and commercial applications available
  • Custom design and aesthetic options configured to complement need and budget
  • Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance plans help to minimize downtime
  • Cost-effective in comparison to a vertical platform lift or elevator


We are an authorized dealer for the following inclined platform lift manufacturers: Garaventa Lift and Savaria

The Case for DC Elevator

Please see our case studies for examples of how we solved our clients’ problems, and what they have to say about it. Contact us with questions about inclined platform lifts, discuss your needs, and find out if this accessibility lift type is right for you.

Q & A


The Inclined Platform Lift ("Wheelchair Lift") consists of a platform, which travels along a guide rail on a straight or curving staircase. It serves as an accessibility solution for people in wheelchairs. An optional seat is available for those, who have difficulty negotiating stairs.

Overspeed Safety

The overspeed safety is located at the lower end of the tube system and consists of a mechanical pawl and electrical cut-out switch. In the unlikely event that the lift should descend too quickly, both the mechanical and electrical safety will activate simultaneously and stop the platform from moving.

Attendant Remote Control Unit (optional)

The platform can be equipped with an optional Attendant Remote Control Unit that overrides the constant pressure on directional buttons during attendant operation. You can remove the remote control unit when it is not required.


Inclined Platform Lifts provide accessibility to people using wheelchairs, and to those who have difficulty negotiating stairs. They are commonly used in residential settings and public buildings, such as schools, offices, restaurants, libraries, and churches.