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Listen To The Clues Your Elevator Gives You


All business owners want their operations to go smoothly, and if you are the owner or manager of a commercial facility, you have probably given this a high priority. DC Elevator wants to preserve your essential elevator equipment in the greatest condition possible, which is why we want to stress the significance of attending to elevator issues as soon as they arise. Despite not being people, elevators may communicate when a crisis is about to arise.

Jerking, Pulsating, or Lurching Rides

Bumpy trips not only signal an issue with the elevator, but they also make the passengers uncomfortable and uneasy. To ensure the safety of the riders as well as yourself, get in touch with our experts for rapid inspection and repair.

Elevator doors with independent thoughts

You need to call a service technician if people report that elevator doors are opening or closing suddenly or not opening at all. You should start making plans to update to an electronic safety edge if your elevator still has a mechanical safety edge. This will spare the building’s owners from needless responsibility, spare the passengers from having to come into contact with the doors to stop them from closing on them, and provide the passengers piece of mind that they won’t be struck by the elevator doors.

Screeches, Groans or other Alarming Sounds

Similar to motor vehicles or other appliances, your elevator frequently alerts you to problems with strange noises that can vary. Some of these noises may be warning signs of an impending issue, so it is wise to address them to make sure they don’t signal the start of a much more extensive repair.

Not Leveling When Landing

An elevator cab that stops just below or slightly above the floor poses a safety risk, regardless of whether the malfunction was brought on by the selection or a potential valve problem. It is all too easy for passengers who are conversing or looking at their phones to trip, which can lead to serious injury. To find and fix this crucial issue, you need an elevator mechanic.

Slow-Motion Performance

Don’t hesitate to call for service if passengers are experiencing lengthier cab wait times or larger distances between floors. To identify potential safety issues or other mounting difficulties, your elevator needs a complete inspection.


The DC Elevator staff can assist you if your elevator is sending you any of these notifications. For further information, contact us at 859-254-8224 or via email right away.