Spring Cleaning 2018

Elevator Spring Cleaning and Seasonal Maintenance

The green season is in full swing, calls us to shake off dust and cobwebs, and to make our offices and residences shine and sparkle, again.

The yearning for post-cold-season cleaning ties back to our use of the hearth — when homes ran on fireplaces and candlelight, one had to get rid of soot and wax once Father Winter took his leave. Lucky enough, these days we rely on central heat and air to stay warm and dry — and we want to open our windows wide at first opportunity.

Don’t forget about your elevator or lift, though — the vertical transportation units need some Spring love and attention, too, to maintain reliability, function, and comfort. In addition to your scheduled maintenance, we recommend being alert to possible problems, so you can contact us to resolve them. Other than general housekeeping of the elevator cab or lift, only a licensed elevator mechanic can perform the required steps to maintain and repair your unit.

  • As the temperatures change, check the operational efficiency of your units daily, helping to prevent future malfunctions.
  • Regularly check for possible water damage and notify us immediately, as water in the hoistway or pit from flooding due to storms can quickly create a hazard.
  • Thoroughly clean the interior of the elevators and the lift platforms: Salt, dirt, and the elements may have left a nasty coating on carpets and surfaces. Your passengers will thank you —  and your unit does, too.
  • Do you notice an unusual odor in the cab? Trash or debris might have dropped into the pit, leaving an unpleasant smell that spoils the ride. Routinely scheduled maintenance includes cleaning the pit, but if you smell anything unusual, please give us a call.
  • Do you notice a change in wait times? Performance can suffer during the Winter months, and doors might open slower than they used to. Then it’s time to call us.
  • Listen for strange, harsh, or grinding sounds as the unit travels up and down. Belts, chains, or bolts might have come loose or gotten stuck and are creating a mechanical problem. A little maintenance, by your licensed elevator mechanic, can go a long way in preventing a necessary repair.
  • Check buttons and switches for breakage and burned-out bulbs; they might have failed since your regularly scheduled maintenance. Make sure that cab lights are operational, and that the emergency lights function as well. Call us to service any outages.
  • Listen to your riders; they may alert you to things such as noises, light outages, or uneven floor levels. When any issues arise between your regularly scheduled maintenance visits, it’s time to call your licensed elevator mechanic.

Always be aware of the age and state of your elevator or lift – and consider modernizing the unit, so you stand prepared when the cold season comes around again. Being proactive in matters of prevention pays  —  saving you money, time, and possible heartache.

Call (859) 254-8224 today to schedule elevator service by a licensed elevator mechanic, a site review, or email sales@dcelevator.com with your needs. We’ll be ready for you  —  so you’ll be ready, too.