Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts are designed for low-rise travel in residential and commercial environments, indoors and outdoors.

Our clients appreciate the experience and training DC Elevator has accumulated over decades in all areas of accessibility solutions. From code requirements to safety standards, from industry best practices to safe equipment operation – our knowledgeable staff makes us your best choice for all vertical transportation needs.

A Vertical Platform Lift Provides Independence


Capacity: Up to 1,400 lbs
Travel Height: Up to 144 inches (residential) or 168 inches (commercial)
Speed: Between 10 and 30 ft/min
Drive: Roped Hydraulic / Chain Hydraulic / Standard ACME Screw / Accelerated ACME Screw


  • Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift
  • Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift w/ Plexiglass
  • Unenclosed Vertical Platform Lift
  • Shaftway Vertical Platform Lift
  • Hybrid Lift


Custom Design Options Make the Lift Match the Environment


  • Manufactured and installed per current industry code standards
  • Platforms range from 36″ x 48″ to 42″ x 60″
  • ADA-compliant platform and custom sizes available
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Standard safety features included; additional features available
  • Packages for residential and commercial applications available
  • Custom design and aesthetic options configured to complement need and budget
  • Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance plans help to minimize downtime


We are an authorized dealer for the following vertical platform lift manufacturers: Symmetry, Garaventa Lift, Savaria, and Wessex Lifts.

The Case for DC Elevator

Please see our case studies for examples of how we solved our clients’ problems, and what they have to say about it. Contact us with questions about vertical platform lifts, discuss your needs, and find out if this accessibility lift type is right for you.

Q & A

ADAAG Requirements

The ADAAG requires a minimum clear floor or ground space of 30” x 48” for vertical platform lifts. A platform lift that does not allow a user to pass through has to have a power gate or door opener.

What is a Hybrid Vertical Platform Lift?

The hybrid vertical platform lift looks and feels like an elevator, but operates like a lift, requiring constant pressure operation. It is available in many different sizes and configurations; its features include a full height cab, non-load bearing ceiling, and a wide variety of optional features and finishes. Doors and cab can be matched to the style and décor of the commercial or residential environment. With a capacity up to 1,000 lbs, it requires hoistway construction by a qualifying entity.

Main Power Requirements

Hydraulic Drive: 120 VAC single phase on a dedicated 15 amp circuit.
Leadscrew Drive: 120 VAC single phase on a dedicated 20 amp circuit.