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What Is Destination Dispatch?


It is possible to optimize elevator travel to cut down on wait and travel times by using destination dispatch. People heading to the same floor ride in the same elevator since passengers are grouped according to their destinations. As a result, fewer pauses are required by the elevator, which decreases the time passengers must wait to board and reach their floors.

By tapping a keypad, a touch screen, or by using a proximity card in the lobby, passengers can identify their desired floors. They are then shown the way to an elevator that will take them to that floor. The next elevator might or might not make its way to the lobby.

Destination panels are placed on every floor in a full layout. Although the elevator has no floor buttons, there are still buttons that can be used to open and close the doors and call for assistance in an emergency. Full configuration supports the handicap mode. The most typical configuration type is this one.

Only few floors in a hybrid arrangement include destination panels. There are up and down call buttons on other floors. The elevator contains floor buttons. In a hybrid system, handicap mode is typically not available.

Destination dispatch is becoming popular for several reasons. It avoids unnecessary floor stops, which reduces wait and travel times. It can improve efficiency and organize traffic in lobbies. Passengers with impaired mobility can have better accessibility since they can move in advance to a designated elevator.