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Why Elevator Maintenance Is Important During The Winter


Get your elevator equipment ready for Winter. You don’t want to be unprepared and forced to shut down a necessary structure, like the elevator, while it is being repaired. Fixing a problem before it gets out of hand will also be more practical and cheap. Here are some of the causes for why you should investigate winter elevator repair right now and how it might protect your facility.

Ensure You Have Consistent Temperatures

Generally speaking, if at all possible, the temperature within the elevator and the elevator shaft should match that of the rest of the structure (not all shafts have heating components). Condensation may accumulate when these temperatures differ significantly. If this freshly created water enters the elevator’s electrical system, it will lead to equipment shutdowns and component failure.

Prevent Slip and Falls

Ensure that each floor’s elevator entrance is secure. This is considerably more of a risk during the winter since people drag in snow and ice from their shoes, and while they wait for the elevator, it melts and becomes a puddle. People expect to walk out safely, so do not have puddles collecting randomly in the building. In the door sills of elevator and hallway landings, ice and snow-melt buildup frequently results in equipment failure and door equipment stalls if the doors do not fully open or close.

Make Sure the Emergency Battery Is Fully Operational

Many people worry that they will become stuck in an elevator. Since power shortages have been known to happen in the winter, it’s crucial to maintain the elevator’s functionality. There should be a backup mechanism for your elevator that will function in an emergency. The car’s backup lighting system and the alarm bell in case of an entrapment are both powered by the emergency battery. During preventive maintenance visits, your elevator mechanic should frequently check these equipment. Contact DC Elevator today to speak to professionals who have knowledge and skills needed for your elevator care.