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Do I Need An Elevator Inspection?


What do you do if your elevator stops working?

Elevators are large pieces of machinery, which means any problems within them can cause life-threatening and even deadly outcomes. To fix such problems you need expert help from an experienced inspector. Elevators can stop working due to malfunctions in the components, improper installation or a variety of other complicated maintenance related issues. The problem starts when the inspection period expires and in cases like these, one out of five buildings will have elevator related problems according to a Georgetown University study.

There is no denying that elevators are essential to modern living and their existence affects everyone but surprisingly most people do not consider the consequences they can face while they stay uninspected. In addition, most regulation on elevators is at the state level which means oversight might not be uniform across the country leaving you vulnerable to preventable safety accidents. .If your elevator stops working, the best thing you can do is call a professional. Depending on how quickly an emergency professional can arrive, they might be able to help you fix the problem or prevent it from happening in the first place.

Elevator inspections is required by law, so it is not necessary to convince owners why they need this. The role of the elevator inspection report could be summarized as determining eligibility for registration in a given jurisdiction, providing data for engineering analyses for repairs or construction, or giving notification before use or demolition.

The components and parts of an elevator system are insulated now to keep them from freezing which was a big problem in the 1980s. Buildings where icicles form would break away from wires. This means that you don’t have to deal with equipment just because some parts of your building get too cold anymore.

Probably you think of inspecting your elevator only when it’s broken down. However, it is important to recognize that an inspection is required by law. And you should do this as often as needed to comply with the law which varies from one locality and building code to another.

What All Are Checked During Elevator Inspections?

The elevator inspectors usually carry a checklist of all the things that need to be checked during the inspection. The elevator cab, the emergency power backup, machine room, hoistway, pit, etc., all should be checked during the inspection. Here are a few items from the checklist:

  • The emergency power backup should always be connected to cater to any emergency of load shedding.
  • All the fire panels should be labeled and must be ready for testing.
  • All the elevator cabs should have an active intercom/phone connection for any emergency need.
  • The entrance to the elevator should be well lit and should be free of any tripping hazard.

The Elevator Interior Design Should be Given its Due Importance

While the technical aspects are important from a safety point of view, maintaining the modern elevator interior is crucial from an aesthetic point of view. It ensures that the ride in the elevator cab is a pleasant one for the user. The lighting, the cab wall décor, the upholstery, carpet, etc., should always be appropriately maintained.