Elevator Safety Rules That Every Child Must Know Featured Image

Elevator Safety Rules That Every Child Must Know


It’s not just the adults who need to follow safety rules when using an elevator. Elevators can be dangerous if you don’t know what to do. To protect your child and everyone else, it is important to set them up with the right knowledge of safety rules ahead of time.

It is important to teach your child the necessary safety practices in order to prevent any accidents from occurring.

Some elevator safety rules that you may want to teach your children are as follows:

  1. Don’t touch the buttons unnecessarily. Press button only where you need to go.
  2. Stay clear of the sensors. Show your child where the sensors are.
  3. Show them the bell and the phone if there is any.
  4. Talk to them about how to remain calm till help arrives. It is okay to be scared. If they have someone smaller with them, ask them if they want to hold your hand.
  5. Stay clear of the doors.
  6. Don’t climb anything.
  7. Don’t hang from anything. Little children love to dangle from the inside railing. Always teach them why it is unsafe.
  8. Don’t poke anything anywhere.
  9. Keep your fingers, belongings and clothing away from the doors. Kids put things between the doors or stand in between to stop them from closing when they are waiting for someone. Teach them why this is wrong and how it is possible to get hurt.
  10. What info to tell on the phone when they need help. ‘What floor you are on if you know or what number was last seen on the screen. Who is with you. If you are okay or hurt.’
  11. Teach them their emergency contact numbers and names.

Another important thing to teach is to wash their hands as soon as they come home. People sneeze, hold on to the railing and punch those buttons with dirty hands. It is very easy to fall sick when kids use unclean hands to eat or touch themselves later. Always ask your child to wash his/her hands as soon as they are home.